Self care in business (part two)….

Welcome to September!

Following on from my summer self-care newsletter in August I thought I would give some more tips on self care for business. If you missed it, here is the blog!

I did a talk last week at the Rhodes centre on business wellbeing and self care and it got me thinking more about self-belief, value, confidence and self doubt. Some big topics there so I won’t be covering them all in this newsletter but look out for some more newsletters around these important issues.

The reason why these issues are so important to me is because a lot of my clients, who are super talented and passionate about what they do, struggle with valuing themselves, confidence, self-belief and self-doubt. I want to help more women build businesses that are profitable and to help them reach their full potential in a supportive environment so even if you have a great product or service,  investment, a cracking business plan, if you don’t have self belief and confidence it is harder to move forward and achieve those goals.
So for this newsletter I am going to start with value and self-belief. For me value is about being selfish (this is a positive thing by the way) and ensuring that you are in a good space that then enables you to help others, it ensures that you value your time and your energy. ‘There are not difficult women, there are strong women who know their value’! This article explains things further about how women can sabotage their success if you don’t value yourself and your talents.

Self-belief is essential in running a business and can help massively with business growth and self-doubt. Here are some tips for believing in yourself more. What do you do to feel more confident?

Self care sets you up to be mentally, emotionally and physically equipped to handle the demands of a small business. Invest in future you, and ultimately your business, by practicing self care. So in short ‘your wellbeing is your business’.
This self care plan really explains the three main areas to consider when looking after yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. How will you put yourself first today?
If you need help with this do get in touch to find out more about my new strategy sessions!

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